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Van Dijck, Egbert-Jan; Meijer, Maarten; Van Den Berg, Femke; Kalkman, Ruben; Roest, Thijs // 2023
Purpose: Sustainability transitions are not hindered by technological barriers but above all by the lack of well-qualified people. Educating the next generation of engineers and product designers is ...

Supporting Systems Engineering activities by artifact-oriented description and selection of methods

Ammersdörfer, Theresa (1); Inkermann, David (1); Müller, Johannes (2); Mandel, Constantin (2); Albers, Albert (2); Tekaat, Julian (3); Schierbaum, Anja (3); Anacker, Harald (3); Bitzer, Michael (4); Kleiner, Sven (5); Herrmann, Jan-Phillip (6); Krause, Patrik (7) // 2023
Systems Engineering (SE) is becoming increasingly relevant in industrial application since more stakeholders are involved in engineering activities. To implement SE, companies have to adapt existing ...

Understanding audiences for immersive and interactive museum and gallery experiences and cultural exchanges

Kwon, Hyejin (1); Choi, Youngok (1); Zhao, Xiaoyang (3); Hua, Min (2); Wang, Wei (2); Garaj, Vanja (1); Lam, Busayawan (1) // 2023
The advent of immersive and interactive technologies has facilitated the growth of the museum and gallery sector by offering a variety of new experiences. In the UK and China, in particular, the ...

Utilizing the embodiment function relation and tolerance model for robust concept design

Li, Jiahang (1);Horber, Dennis (2);Keller, Christoph (1);Grauberger, Patric (1);Goetz, Stefan (2);Wartzack, Sandro (2);Matthiesen, Sven (1) // 2023
The early use of Robust Design (RD) supports the development of product concepts with low sensitivity to variation, which offers advantages for reducing the risk of costly iterations. Due to the lack ...

Vibration reduction by tuned mass dampers inside cavities of topology optimized lattice structures

Janousek, Marc Konrad Bernd;Xu, Duo;Vazhapilli Sureshbabu, Anand;Zimmermann, Markus // 2023
Tuned mass dampers may be used to improve vibrational behavior of structures. However, they require space to move. This paper presents an approach to incorporate tuned mass dampers into a ...

Vibration Reduction of a Hammer Drill with a Top-Down Design Method

Le, Philip; Xu, Duo; Vazhapilli Sureshbabu, Anand; Zimmermann, Markus // 2023
Designing vibrating systems is challenging due to component interaction. One approach to reduce the resulting complexity is top-down design where requirements on components are formulated such that ...

Virtually Hosted Hackathons for Design Research: Lessons Learned from the International Design Engineering Annual (IDEA) Challenge 2022

Ege, Daniel Nygaard (1); Goudswaard, Mark (2); Nesheim, Ole (1); Eikevåg, Sindre W (1); Bjelland, Øystein (1); Christensen, Kim A (1); Ballantyne, Robert (2); Su, Shuo (2); Cox, Chris (2); Timperley, Louis (2); Aeddula, Omsri (3); Machchhar, Raj Jiten (3); Ruvald, Ryan (3); Li, Jie (4); Figueiredo, Sara (4); Deo, Saurabh (4); Horvat, Nikola (5); Čeh, Ivan (5); Šklebar, Jelena (5); Miler, Daniel (5); Gopsill, James (2); Hicks, Ben (2); Steinert, Martin (1) // 2023
The International Design Engineering Annual (IDEA) Challenge is a virtually hosted hackathon for Engineering Design researchers with aims of: i) generating open access datasets; ii) fostering ...

A Digital Twin Trust Framework for Industrial Application

Jakob Trauer (1), Sebastian Schweigert-Recksiek (1), Tim Schenk (2), Thomas Baudisch (2), Markus M // 2022
A reason for the slow adoption of digital twins in industry is a lack of trust in the concept and between the stakeholders involved. This paper presents a Trust Framework for Digital Twins based on a ...

Active-Learning Combined with Topology Optimization for Top-Down Design of Multi-Component Systems

Lukas Krischer, Anand Vazhapilli Sureshbabu, Markus Zimmermann // 2022
In top-down design, optimal component requirements are difficult to derive, as the feasible components that satisfy these requirements are yet to be designed and hence unknown. Meta models that ...

An AI-Based Approach to Optimize Stress in Shrink Fits

Valesko Dausch, Jan Kr // 2022
The present analytical design of shrink fits typically results in an uneven stress condition that can lead to failure in a variety of manners. With increasing loads and the use of brittle materials, ...

Assessing the Influence of Digital Innovations on the Organizational Design of Product Family Generations

Zuefle, Marc; Küchenhof, Jan; Hanna, Michael; Krause, Dieter // 2022
The paper discusses increasing demands on product architecture and the resulting requirements and implications for organizational structure. Due to the increasing requirements, the product ...

Capturing the Design Rationale in Model-Based Systems Engineering of Geo-Stations

Andreas Zech (1), Ralf Stetter (2), Stephan Rudolph (3), Markus Till (2) // 2022
The design rationale describes the justification of design decision or selection. To avoid unnecessary design iterations, a capturing and documentation of this rationale is highly desirable. In ...

Challenges and Opportunities in Remote Prototyping: A Case-Study during COVID-19

Nuno Miguel Martins Pacheco (1), Anand Vazhapilli Sureshbabu (1), Elena Dieckmann (2), Maria Apud Bell (2), Stephen Green (2), Peter Childs (2), Markus Zimmermann (1) // 2022
Collaboration is common practice within design disciplines and beyond. Brainstorming, discussions, and prototyping tend to occur within the same physical space. The reduction of human interaction ...

Comparing EEG Brain Power of Mechanical Engineers in 3D CAD Modelling from 2D and 3D Representations

Fanika Lukačević (1,2), Shumin Li (2), Niccolò Becattini (2), Stanko Škec (1) // 2022
Using the EEG features extracted from the EEG signals, the presented study investigates differences in the cognitive load posed on engineers while 3D CAD modelling in two different conditions, ...

Cyber-Security Aware Design of Automated Systems

Ralf Stetter (1), Marcin Witczak (2), Markus Till (1) // 2022
One of the main current threats for producing companies is the possibility of cyber-space attacks. Due to several reasons, industrial companies need to connect their plants over some kind of ...

Design of an Autonomous Trash-Picking Service Robot Focussed on Human-Robot Interaction

Anand Vazhapilli Sureshbabu, Nuno Miguel Martins Pacheco, Laura Isabel Duran Noy, Markus Zimmermann // 2022
The design of service robots is typically treated as a mechatronic design problem aimed at implementation of its core technical functionalities. Intuitive operation and usability are ignored. We ...

Design solutions for Hong Kong stressed office workers

Wong, Hoi Wang; Chen, Tsz Tsing; Chong, Nga Ching; Shih, Yi Teng // 2022
This essay will discuss mainly the fast-paced and stressful workplace culture in Hong Kong, contributing to high levels of stress and anxiety problems, especially in young workers aged 22 to 30. Both ...

Estimation of Composite Laminate Ply Angles Using an Inverse Bayesian Approach Based on Surrogate Models

Michael Franz (1), Simon Pfingstl (2), Markus Zimmermann (2), Sandro Wartzack (1) // 2022
A digital twin (DT) relies on a detailed, virtual representation of a physical product. Since uncertainties and deviations can lead to significant changes in the functionality and quality of ...

Exploratory Analysis of Adaptively Morphing Handle Forms for Load Transfer Use Cases

Jonathan Max Kiessling (1), Karl Hilbig (2), Johanna Dinkel (1), Markus Schmid (1), Thomas Maier (1), Thomas Vietor (2) // 2022
Through optimal design of the human machine interfaces, especially the hand-handle contact surface, high usability of hand-operated products can be achieved. The complexity of the user specific hand ...

From Supply Chain Stakeholder to Service Customer: An Engineering Framework for Vehicle-Based Services

Clemens Pizzinini, Jakob Bercher, Markus Lienkamp // 2022
Geographic distance between supply and demand reduces spatial accessibility. Vehicles have been contributing to improved spatial accessibility by offering transport services for people and goods. ...


VOß, Markus (1); BOZKURT, Hulusi (1); SAUER, Thorsten (2); NUTZMANN, Marc (2) // 2022

Knowledge-Based Assistance System for Part Preparation in Additive Repair by Laser Powder Bed Fusion

Nicola Viktoria Ganter, Lukas Valentin Hoppe, Jan D // 2022
For the economic use of repair in the spare parts business, additive repair by Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) is a promising technology. As material can only be applied to a flat surface in LPBF, ...

Material selection for extreme thermo-mechanical loads using design space projection: A concept study for an ultra-high power X-Ray source

Ravichandran, Mahadevan; Winter, Johanna; Bartzsch, Stefan; Zimmermann, Markus // 2022
Material selection in the concept design phase may be challenging due to circular dependencies. Commonly used methods like ...

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