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Bio-Inspired Design for Additive Manufacturing - case study: microtiter plate

Hashemi Farzaneh, Helena; Angele, Ferdinand; Zimmermann, Markus // 2019
Bio-inspired design is an innovative methodology for transferring biological solutions into technical solutions, for example for the design of weight- and load-optimized components. Bio-inspired ...

Comparing Utility-Based and Network-Based Approaches in Modeling Customer Preferences for Engineering Design

Sha, Zhenghui (2); Bi, Youyi (1); Wang, Mingxian (3); Stathopoulos, Amanda (1); Contractor, Noshir (1); Fu, Yan (3); Chen, Wei (1) // 2019
Customer preference modeling provides quantitative assessment of the effects of engineering design attributes on customers? choices. Utility-based approaches, such as discrete choice model (DCM), and ...

Comparison of existing agile Approaches in the Context of Mechatronic System Development: Potentials and Limits in Implementation

Heimicke, Jonas; Niever, Manuel; Zimmermann, Valentin; Klippert, Monika; Marthaler, Florian; Albers, Albert // 2019
The development of mechatronic systems has always been characterized by continuous handling of uncertainties. This challenge, which is associated with dynamic changes in the development context, is ...

Design for extremes: A contour method for defining requirements based on multivariate extremes

Haselsteiner, Andreas F. (1); Reisenhofer, Rafael (2); Ohlendorf, Jan-Hendrik (1); Thoben, Klaus-Dieter (1) // 2019
The design of various products is driven by requirements that describe extremes. In marine structural design, joint extremes of environmental variables like wave height and wind speed are used to ...

Design for Mass Adaptation of the Neurointerventional Training Model HANNES with Patient-Specific Aneurysm Models

Spallek, Johanna (1); Kuhl, Juliane (1); Wortmann, Nadine (1); Buhk, Jan-Hendrik (2); Fr // 2019
A neurointerventional training model called HANNES (Hamburg ANatomical NEurointerventional Simulator) has been developed to replace animal models in catheter-based aneurysm treatment training. A ...

Design Principles to Increase the Patient Specificity of High Tibial Osteotomy Fixation Devices

Kanagalingam, Sanjeevan (1); Shepherd, Duncan (1); Fernandez-Vicente, Miguel (2); Wimpenny, David (2); Thomas-Seale, Lauren (1) // 2019
High stiffness fracture fixation devices inducing absolute stability, activate inefficient primary healing and stress shielding. Taking High Tibial Osteotomy as a representative example, review of ...

Entwicklung eines Produktarchitekturmodells zur Ableitung modularer Produktstrukturen

Jan Küchenhof; Dieter Krause // 2019
Modularization can help shorten product development lead-times. enable customer-oriented product differentiation. enable economies of scale through commonality and economies of scope such as ...


Martins, Jo // 2019
Our Master's Degree in Integrated Design is a teaching project designed to protect, predominantly, a series of professional specializations. It is a precursor to the mission of the educational ...

Exploratory study of the integration of frugal innovation in the design of products for the BoP

Luis Miguel López Santiago (a1), Serge Rohmer (a1), René Díaz Pichardo (a1) (a2) and Tatiana Reyes (a1) // 2019
The bottom of the pyramid (BoP) consists of 1.4 billion people living less than 1.25 USD per day. Fulfilling unmet needs of BoP people involves the design of products as a main activity. Designing ...

Formulating Design Recommendations for the Acceptance of the Use and Results of Point-of-Care Testing in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Literature Review

Licher, Yvonne Jolanda Melanie; Visser, Jan Simon; Van, G-Young; Diehl, Jan Carel // 2019
In low- and middle-income countries (LMIC), diagnostics are not always available in remote areas. Hospitals and healthcare centres are often too far from the community, and waiting times are up to a ...

From Visualizations to Matrices – Methodical support for New Development of Modular Product Families

Küchenhof, Jan; Schwede, Lea-Nadine; Hanna, Michael; Krause, Dieter // 2019
The application of modularization approaches is mostly carried out on existing product families where the database is rich and can be used for further structuring and optimization. Methods for ...

Functional Safety Concept Generation Within the Process of Preliminary Design of Automated Driving Functions at the Example of an Unmanned Protective Vehicle

Graubohm, Robert; Stolte, Torben; Bagschik, Gerrit; Steimle, Markus; Maurer, Markus // 2019
Structuring the early design phase of automotive systems is an important part of efficient and successful development processes. Today, safety considerations (e.g., the safety life cycle of ISO ...

Future-oriented PGE-Product Generation Engineering: An Attempt to Increase the Future User Acceptance Through Foresight in Product Engineering Using the Example of the iPhone User Interface

Marthaler, Florian (1); Stahl, Sven (1); Siebe, Andreas (2); Bursac, Nikola (3); Spadinger, Markus (1); Albers, Albert (1) // 2019
During the process of product engineering, decisions with uncertain consequences have to be made about future development (Albers et al., 2017a). Customer, user and vendor requirements that are ...


Leung, Winnie (1); Wang, Yun (2); Kim, Seong-Woo (3) // 2019
Over three years 2016-2019, three top universities in Asia have joint hands in offering a truly collaborative course ~ Global Product Development. Leveraging modern teaching tools to overcome ...

Human-in-the-loop Design with Machine Learning

Wang, Pan (1); Peng, Danlin (1); Li, Ling (2); Chen, Liuqing (1); Wu, Chao (3); Wang, Xiaoyi (3); Childs, Peter (1); Guo, Yike (1) // 2019
Deep learning methods have been applied to randomly generate images, such as in fashion, furniture design. To date, consideration of human aspects which play a vital role in a design process has not ...

Hybrid Additive Manufacturing - Requirements Engineering Framework for Process Chain Considerations

Schneberger, Jan-Henrik (1); H // 2019
Additive Manufacturing (AM) provides significant opportunities for design and functional integration of parts and assemblies. Compared to conventional processes, the AM principle increases design ...

Influence of Cleantech Interventions on Wastewater Chain and city of Amsterdam: towards resilient system for Phosphorus Recovery & Valorisation

Amosov, Maxim (1); Zlatanovic, Ljiljana (2); van der Hoek, Jan Peter (2,3,4) // 2019
The wastewater chain (WWC) of Amsterdam offers an opportunity to recover up to 5000 tons of phosphorus (P) per year, versus 500 tons currently valorized. Our study from 2018 showed 22 critical ...

Influence of Information Collection Strategy on Designer?s Mental Stress

Zhao, Mengting; Zeng, Yong // 2019
Information collection may affect the design quality and designer's performance through changing the structure of information and the way how information is searched and organized. Based on the ...

Integrated and Customer-Oriented Material and Process Selection by Sensory Multi-Criteria Decision-Making

Schneberger, Jan-Henrik; Kaspar, Jerome; Vielhaber, Michael // 2019
Today, product success more than ever depends on the satisfaction of consumer needs. Besides, manufacturers need to shorten development cycles and accelerate product release in order to stay ...

Interdependencies within the System of Objectives of a Product Generation in Industrial Practice

Albers, Albert; Peglow, Natalie; Spadinger, Markus // 2019
One challenge in product development is the megatrend of product individualization in the automotive supplier industry. Requirements for a variant by the customer may differ from those by the ...

Is Organizational Design a Human-centered Design Practice?

Auernhammer, Jan Michel Kurt (1); Leifer, Larry (2) // 2019
In recent years design has had a renaissance in business and management research and practice. Several authors have discussed if management is a design practice and how far design ought to go to ...

Mapping the progress in agile product development: A multi-case study

Schmidt, Tobias Sebastian (1); Behrenbeck, Jan (2); Burger, Kevin (2); Hostettler, Rafael (2); Paetzold, Kristin (1); Zimmermann, Markus (2) // 2019
The more dynamic and unpredictable the development constraints, the more agile the development project should be to cope with and utilize inherent change. Especially in such contexts, aligning with ...

Meaningful Experience in Service Design for the Elderly: SAPAD Framework and its Case Study

Hu, Fei (1); Li, Jun (1); Wang, Wei (1); Sato, Keiichi (2) // 2019
A growing trend of aging population of China has brought tremendous pressure on the domestic care system, and community education is one of the important content for elderly services. Based on the ...

Munich Agile MBSE Concept (MAGIC)

Salehi, Vahid; Wang, Shirui // 2019
Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) is well-known in gaining the control over the complexity of systems and the development processes, while agile is a project management methodology originally ...

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