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A Digital Twin Business Modelling Approach

Trauer, Jakob; Mac, Duc Phat; Mörtl, Markus; Zimmermann, Markus // 2023
Digital Twins are one of the most trending topics. However, there are still open issues in the development of Digital Twins. One of these impediments is formulating a clear and valid value ...

Artificial intelligence techniques for improving cylindrical shrink-fit shaft-hub couplings

Saeed, Muhammad Shahrukh (1,2); Falter, Jan (1); Dausch, Valesko (1); Wagner, Markus (1); Kreimeyer, Matthias (1); Eisenbart, Boris (2) // 2023
Due to the continuous progress in information technology, complex problems of machine elements can be investigated using numerical methods. The focus of these investigations and optimizations often ...

Assistance System for graph-based 3D Visualization of Design Structure Matrices

Jan-Phillip Herrmann (1), Sven Tackenberg (1), Christoph Trojanowski (2), Carolin Pankrath (3), Sebastian Imort (1), Andreas Deuter (1) // 2023
The increasing number of product artifacts (e.g., mechanical or electronic components, software functions, documents) confronts small and medium-sized companies with the challenge of assessing change ...

Challenges in Extracting Insights from Life Cycle Assessment Documents During Early Stage Design

Goridkov, Nicole (1); Ye, Kelly (1); Wang, Ye (2); Goucher-Lambert, Kosa (1) // 2023
Life cycle assessment (LCA) has been established as a benchmark for design for sustainability practices. LCA provides detailed technical documents regarding a product’s environmental impact, but its ...


Wang, Xinyu; Loh, Leon; Sera, Keita // 2023
The Japanese national syllabus has put ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) into the latest TE (Technology Education) curriculum guideline. Although many TE teachers are willing to implement ...

Design-related Sustainability Assessment

Lisa-Marie Nettlenbusch, Jan Reißmann, Alexander Hasse // 2023
The pressure of planetary boundaries led the author to develop a design-related sustainability assessment. That is why several existing methodologies like Resource Efficiency, Material Input per Unit ...


Gutierrez Contreras, Luis Miguel // 2023
Competence-based learning is oriented to learning by the implementation of challenges where students must demonstrate that they have learned and generated knowledge through the development of applied ...


Li, Shumin; Becattini, Niccolò; Cascini, Gaetano // 2023
This paper presents an EEG (Electroencephalography) study that explores the correlation between the EEG variation across design stages and the quality of the design outcomes. The brain activations of ...

Enhancing Collaborative Modular Product Development: Interface Allocation and Associated Responsibilities

Marc Zuefle, Jan Kuechenhof, Markus Berschik, Dieter Krause // 2023
For meeting the dynamic demands of customers on a product, development increasingly relies on expertise from a diverse array of disciplines and domains. Only this collaboration makes it possible to ...

Experimental Validation of a Method for Systematic New Development

Kuechenhof, Jan; Krause, Dieter // 2023
Creativity is an essential factor in the development of innovative products. 4 Step Creation (4SC) is a method for systematic ideation and can be used to enhance the new product development process. ...

Exploring the impact of generative stimuli on the creativity of designers in combinational design

Wang, Da (1); Han, Ji (2) // 2023
The ideation process has a significant impact on the initial concept generation and final product creativity of the design. Visual stimuli play an important role in the process of innovative product ...

Flexibility Despite Dependencies And Constraints: Product Family Design With Solution-Compensation Spaces

Nicola Barthelmes (1), Stefan Sicklinger (2), Markus Zimmermann (1) // 2023
Optimization of components and commonality in a product family can be prohibitively expensive due to combinatorics. In a previously presented approach, numerical effort is significantly reduced by ...


To, Chun Wang; Shih, Yi-Teng // 2023
Hand disability, which could be considered as a part of the physical disability, is not only described as the person who lost one of their hands or arm when they have born or encountered an accident ...

Incorporating Field Effects into the Design of Modular Product Families

Kuechenhof, Jan (1); Berschik, Markus C. (1); Beibl, Julia (1); Alonso Fernández, Iñigo (2); Otto, Kevin (3); Krause, Dieter (1); Isaksson, Ola (2) // 2023
With advancing digitalization, new technologies with more and more digital components make it necessary to integrate new components into current and future products. Sensors and actuators, such as ...

Let Me Finish My Thought: Process Interventions to Change Team Behavior during Remote Design Collaboration

Domingo, Lawrence (1); Leifer, Larry (1); Auernhammer, Jan (2) // 2023
This research investigates changes in team behavior and communication through interruptions and gestures, due to design process strategies in pre-formed remote teams for conceptual design tasks. ...

MBSE incorporating time-dependent behavior for the design of robot-like systems

Ziegler, Klara; Volpert, Marcus; Amm, Maximilian; Vogel-Heuser, Birgit; Stahl, Karsten; Zimmermann, Markus // 2023
Complex systems typically consist of many components and are subject to many requirements. Approaches like the V-Model support complex systems design by providing guidelines on how to break down ...

MBSE within the engineering design community - an exploratory study

Berschik, Markus Christian (1); Schumacher, Thomas (2); Laukotka, Fabian Niklas (1); Krause, Dieter (1); Inkermann, David (2) // 2023
Objective of this contribution is to present the use of Model-based Systems Engineering within the engineering design community. Based on a differentiation between SE and MBSE, the definition of ...

Medical device or fashion accessory? A case study of a redesigned child’s prosthetic upper limb applying principles of perception and semantics to reframe social acceptance

Sansoni, Stefania; Torrens, George Edward; Yang, Fan; Hanim Binti Suroya, Suhaiza; Wang, Yi // 2023
Abstract needed ...

Methodical Approach to cluster Configurations of Product Variants of Complex Product Portfolios

Mehlstäubl, Jan (1); Pfeiffer, Christoph (1); Kraul, Ralf (2); Braun, Felix (2); Paetzold-Byhain, Kristin (1) // 2023
Companies are increasingly struggling to manage their complex product portfolios. Since they do not fully understand the complexity, intelligent solutions are required. Emerging technologies and ...

Methods of change impact analysis for product development: A systematic review of the literature

Mordaschew, Viktoria; Herrmann, Jan-Phillip; Tackenberg, Sven // 2023
During product development, the customer or internal stakeholders initiate changes concerning the components or functions of a cyber-physical system (CPS). The complexity of such a CPS causes ...

On the treatment of requirements in DfAM: Three industrial use cases

Endress, Felix; Rieser, Jasper; Zimmermann, Markus // 2023
Optimization-driven design offers advantages over traditional experience-based mechanical design. As an example, topology optimization can be a powerful tool to generate body shapes for Additive ...

Optimizing requirements for maximum design freedom considering physical feasibility

Rodrigues Della Noce, Eduardo; Zimmermann, Markus // 2023
Solution spaces are sets of designs that meet all quantitative requirements of a given design problem, aiding requirement management. In previous works, ways of calculating subsets of the complete ...

Parametric Modelling of the Exterior Design of Autonomous Shuttles

Hafemann, Philipp; Daumoser, Manuel; Lienkamp, Markus // 2023
Autonomous vehicles for the last mile are a promising use case for advancing autonomous driving in real-world traffic. For this purpose, traditional car manufacturers and newcomer companies develop a ...

Platform approach for modularising battery electric fast ferries

Seidenberg, Tobias (1); Disselkamp, Jan-Philipp (1); Jürgenhake, Christoph (1); Anacker, Harald (1); Dumitrescu, Roman (2); Papanikolaou, Apostolos (3) // 2023
The transportation sector is responsible for a relevant share of the total emissions and offers great potentials. It is necessary to implement as many zero-emission mobility systems as possible in ...

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