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A method for the expert-based identification of engineering change propagation

Kattner, Niklas; Mehlstäubl, Jan; Becerril, Lucia; Hollauer, Christoph; Weidmann, Dominik; Lindemann, Udo // 2017
Handling engineering changes effectively becomes more and more important for the performance of the overall design process. Therefore, it is crucial to assess the propagation of engineering changes ...

A qualitative study to identify the need and requirements on further development of design guidelines for fibre-reinforced composites

Butenko, Viktoriia; Wilwer, Jürgen; Spadinger, Markus; Albers, Albert // 2017
This paper describes the methodological approach and results of a qualitative study used to identify the needs and requirements on the further development of design guidelines for fibre-reinforced ...


VOß, Markus; BOZKURT, Hulusi; SAUER, Thorsten // 2017
Competence-based education concentrates on learning outcomes instead of meticulously prescribing what to learn. A major problem for many lecturers and programme directors today is the lack of ...

An approach to handle uncertainty during the process of product modelling

Würtenberger, Jan; Lotz, Julian; Freund, Tillmann; Kirchner, Eckhard // 2017
Product models are the results of product modelling and are used for decision making during the development process. They are based on assumptions by the designer, which are made under a lack of ...

Anwendung des Data Mining zur Ableitung eines effizienten Produktfamilien-portfolios  (Members only )

Ole Jan, Meßerschmidt; Thomas, Gumpinger; Timo, Neuhäußer // 2017
Companies want to meet the requirements of as many heterogeneous customers as possible on the one hand and offer a small variety as possible to save costs on the other hand. To resolve the resulting ...

Bridging the semantic gap in customer needs elicitation: a machine learning perspective

Wang, Yue; Zhang, Jian // 2017
The elicitation of customer needs (CNs) is a critical step in product development. However, these needs are often expressed in ambiguous, simple language and not in the form of well-defined ...

Calculation of design cognitive features based on complex linkography-network

Xu, Jiang; Chuai, Ying; Wang, Xiuyue; Sun, Gang // 2017
In view of the complexity of multi-disciplinary team collaborative innovation design process, the quantitative design of cognitive research can be realized by putting forward to deconstruct design ...


Hao, Chen; van Boeijen, Annemiek; Stappers, Pieter Jan // 2017
Contextmapping - a set of generative design techniques, used by designers to understand the context of their intended users - has been used successfully over a decade with Western participants, both ...

Derivation, analysis and comparison of geometric requirements for various vehicle drivetrains using dimensional chains

Felgenhauer, Matthias; Schöpe, Frank; Bayerlein, Michaela; Lienkamp, Markus // 2017
Following the development of new drivetrain concepts (e.g. BEV and FCEV) the comparison of drivetrains becomes increasingly important during the vehicle architecture design. Thereby, the geometrical ...

Design for robustness - Systematic application of design guidelines to control uncertainty

Freund, Tillmann; Würtenberger, Jan; Lotz, Julian; Rommel, Carmen; Kirchner, Eckhard // 2017
In Robust Design literature, the application of Robust Design guidelines is suggested as a measure to obtain a design that is more insensitive against variations. But it lacks a detailed and ...

Differences between the discerning and opportunistic mind-sets in design learning

Hamat, Basyarah; Eisenbart, Boris; Schoormans, Jan; Badke-Schaub, Petra // 2017
Design learning can be improved by understanding the differences between individual characteristics of students and its connection with their learning processes and outcomes. This paper focusses on ...

Digital representation of product functions in multicopter design

Ramsaier, Manuel; Holder, Kevin; Zech, Andreas; Stetter, Ralf; Rudolph, Stephan; Till, Markus // 2017
In recent years the research concerning the representation of product functions has intensified again. Current studies exhibit a growing interest of design engineers to apply such representations in ...


Corremans, Jan A.M.; Coppieters, Werner // 2017
The importance and value of hand drawing and sketching activity in the early stages of the design process has already been extensively argued. Ideation sketches are used as a source of inspiration ...

Entscheidungsheuristiken in der PGE - Produktgenerationsentwicklung  (Members only )

Nikola, Bursac; Simon, Rapp; Albert, Albers; Jan, Breitschuh; Narucha, Tanaiutchawoot // 2017
Product development always includes the selection of ideas from a set of potential ideas and thus pointing the way for the subsequent process. Doing this intuitively always implies the risk of not ...

Expert based approach to analyse and influence indirect cost of engineering changes

Schmied, Christian; Gebhardt, Marcel; Mörtl, Markus; Lindemann, Udo // 2017
Indirect cost of engineering changes represent increasing challenges for companies. Their high frequency and complex cost impacts makes it difficult to estimate and influence the cost outcomes. ...

Extended target weighing approach - Identification of lightweight design potential for new product generations

Albers, Albert; Revfi, Sven; Spadinger, Markus // 2017
In the development process of vehicles, especially electric vehicles, lightweight design becomes more and more important. Lightweight design efforts often result in increasing costs of a product and ...

Gathering and analysing external influences on the product design - a case study

Kammerl, Daniel; Echle, Stefan; Mörtl, Markus // 2017
The early phase of each development process is characterised by severe decisions under great uncertainty. To facilitate these decisions, it is crucial to know the (external) influences on the product ...

Generic generative design systems to imprint personalities in consumer products: Preliminary results

Beghelli, Alejandra; Briede, Juan; Carrasco, Miguel; Prieto, Pablo // 2017
Generative design is a computer aided design system that automatically or semi-automatically produces design solutions. Generative design systems help designers to save time and labor during the ...

Graph-based similarity analysis of BOM data to identify unnecessary inner product variance

Schmidt, Michael; Gehring, Benedikt; Gerber, Jan-Sebastian; Stocker, Johannes Michael; Kreimeyer, Matthias; Lienkamp, Markus // 2017
This paper contributes to the fields of variant management and product family design. The focus lies on analysing historically grown product portfolios in order to reduce unnecessary inner variety. ...

Holistic approach for design and re-design of production units

Stäbler, Markus; Weber, Jakob; Paetzold, Kristin; Vielhaber, Michael // 2017
This paper presents a novel approach to enable change within the life cycle of a production unit and enhance the usability of a re-design and change process by consistent interaction between the ...

Human-centred design blending smart technology with emotional responses: Case study on interactive clothing for couples

Weizhen, Wang; Nagai, Yukari; Yuan, Fang // 2017
Following the further development of the Internet of Things (IoT), rapid dissemination of smart clothing will begin. Previously, researchers have generally focused on high-tech approaches to ...

Investigating usage data support in development processes - A case study

Höhn, Manuel; Hollauer, Christoph; Wilberg, Julian; Kammerl, Daniel; Mörtl, Markus; Omer, Mayada // 2017
The design of new product development processes which integrate customer perspective promises great potential regarding rising volatility of external influences, shorter product life cycles and ...

Matrix-based system modelling to predict properties change propagation

Luedeke, Tobias; Kaspar, Jerome; Meiser, Philip; Schneberger, Jan-Henrik; Herrmann, Hans-Georg; Vielhaber, Michael // 2017
A significant shorter pre-development time in the automotive industry without physical prototypes due to a quicker generation of concepts is key to reduce development cost and to reach a higher ...

Modeling product co-consideration relations: A comparative study of two network models

Sha, Zhenghui; Wang, Mingxian; Huang, Yun; Contractor, Noshir; Fu, Yan; Chen, Wei // 2017
Customers often compare and evaluate alternative products before making purchase decisions. Understanding customer preference is an important step for choice modeling in engineering design. This ...

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