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Frimpong Acheampong, Augustine; Berg, Arild // 2015
In Jan Michl's "Taking down the Bauhaus Wall: Towards living design history as a tool for better
design", he explains how the history of design can become a tool for future design practices. ...

Service Classification to Support Planning Product-Service Systems  (Members only )

Schmidt, Danilo Marcello; Jaugstetter, Matthias; Malaschewski, Oliver; Mörtl, Markus // 2015
As Product-Service Systems (PSS) are capable to provide more specialized offers to customers, an appropriate design of PSS influences aspects of customer acceptance. The differentiation within ...


Zapico, Miguel; Eckert, Claudia; Jowers, Iestyn; Earl, Christopher // 2015
Companies that design and manufacture products for a wide range of related applications need to offer the right product for each use. A platform design strategy allows designing the product range ...

Vorstellung einer Methodik zur Identifikation von Bauteilen mit Potential zur Gestaltung in Hybridbauweise  (Members only )

Cudok, Anja; Hasenpusch, Jan; Inkermann, David; Vietor, Thomas // 2015
Various reasons lead automotive engineers to strive for approaches to design
cars as efficient as possible. Apart from aerodynamics, rolling resistance
and drive train, a car’s weight has a major ...

Anthropometrics 2.0: Enrichment of Classical Anthropometry through Multidisciplinary Collaboration

Verwulgen, Stijn; Lacko; De Bruyne, Guido; Danckaers, Femke; Christis, Naomi; Sijbers, Jan; Huysmans, Toon // 2014
State of the art computational methods might offer the opportunity to handle 3D anthropometrical information: in a collection of similar 3D shapes, when there is a correspondence of points, certain ...

Creativity Awareness in Engineering Schools in Asia

Sosa, Ricardo; Wang, Poon King // 2014
Since definitions of creativity and innovation abound, it is far from trivial to understand the present and future potential of Asian engineering to be recognised as a source of creativity and ...

Creativity for a New Era

Kretschmer, Markus // 2014
Increasingly, sustainability turns out to be a key factor for the success of our product culture. However, as a consequence of globally changing conditions - such as shortages of raw material ...

Enabling Modularization Potentials by Standardized Vehicle Layouts

Forg, Armin; Stocker, Johannes; Kreimeyer, Matthias; Lienkamp, Markus // 2014
Resulting from a high variety of customer utilization scenarios, a high variant spectrum at comparatively low production volumes is characteristic for commercial vehicle manufacturers. Within a ...

Evaluating Learning Outcomes of Soft Skills in Mechanical Engineering Education

Breitschuh (1), Jan; Helmich (2), Annica; Albers (1), Albert; Gidion (2), Gerd // 2014
Soft skills, such as creativity, teamwork abilities and strength of implementation are essential key competencies for successful product development engineers. Within the structure of an engineer's ...

Modellbildung der unteren Extremitäten und simulationsgestützte Auswertung  (Members only )

Sporbeck, Jan Moritz; Gößling, Rainer; Bender, Beate // 2014
As the human body does not allow for direct measurement, a combined approach of indirect measurement linked with a supporting simulation model has to be taken. This paper presents a ...

Muses in Design: A Comparison of Inspiration Techniques in Product Form Giving Education

Mulder-Nijkamp, Maaike; Corremans, Jan // 2014
Defining a products' shape is one of the key challenges for design students in the overall product development process. The formal design of a product determines to a great extend the expressive ...

Situation-Appropriate Method Selection in Product Development Process – Empirical Study of Method Application

Albers, Albert; Reiss, Nicolas; Bursac, Nikola; Urbanec, Jan; Ludcke, Robert // 2014
Although numerous methods exist for the product development process they are not regularly used in practice. One reason is that there is often not enough know-how available regarding the integration ...

Using Design Heuristics in Idea Generation: Does it Take Expertise to Benefit?

Voss, Markus; Sauer, Thorsten; Bozkurt, Hulusi // 2014
This paper presents a study that examines how well-known methods for idea generation can be advantageously combined. It investigates Method 6-3-5, a group technique for six developers who ...

Using PD6 to Explore the Initial Collaboration between Chinese Companies and Chinese Universities-Experiments Done by Sino-Finnish Centre, Tongji University

Fan, Fei; Lu, Zhou; Wang, Danni; Zhou, Wenjia // 2014
In the hierarchical but decentralized organization of Chinese universities, individual schools in universities manage the relations between the university and the industry (U-I) independently through ...

Vergleich von Optimierungsalgorithmen anhand der Charakteristik von endlosfaserverstärkten Kunststoffen  (Members only )

Kellermeyer, Markus; Wartzack, Sandro // 2014
This paper gives a short overview for the most important possibilities for parametric optimization methods in the field of numerical simulations. Subsequently criterias are listed showing the ...

A knowledge model for automotive engineering design

Qin, Hao; Wang, Hongwei; Wiltshire, David; Wang, Qian // 2013
Within the competitive environment of the automotive industry, increasing the efficiency of the engineering design process and shortening the time to market of a product becomes a key to the success ...

A methodical approach for designing innovative products based on computer aided functional modelling

Heller, Jan Erik; van der Beek, Johannes; Dittmann, Claudia; Feldhusen, Jörg // 2013
Creating innovative products is vital for the success of enterprises. Markets change constantly and force engineering departments to shorten innovation cycles. To be competitive, a methodical ...

Co-ordinated engineering: Design innovation through operational collaboration

Vuletic, Tijana; Duffy, Alex; Whitfield, Robert Ian; Wang, Wenjuan // 2013
Operational Collaboration Model (OCM) has been developed to provide net based, location and discipline independent solution for the exchange of design technology, service and information. Its ...

Combining rich user interaction with the personas technique in a student user experience design project

Corremans, Jan A.M.; Standaert, Achiel // 2013
User-product interaction has evolved dramatically over the past decades and has been the subject of many research activities. In an era where electrical components are replaced by electronic ones, ...

Complexity and preference based methodology for product line planning of customizable products

Schubert, Sebastian; Heller, Jan Erik; van der Beek, Johannes; Feldhusen, Jörg // 2013
Analyses and current market development show that more customizable products are required which are competitive to mass produced products. To be competitive, the products have to be cost optimized. A ...

Deploying decision criteria in a cyclical decision process for the product planning phase

Schenkl, Sebastian A.; Spörl, Sebastian; Behncke, Florian G. H.; Orawski, Robert; Mörtl, Markus // 2013
During the planning process of future products or the future product portfolio, ideas for future market opportunities are generated and within a parallel decision process, the best ones are selected. ...

Design for adaptability in multi-variant product families

Greisel, Markus; Kissel, Maximilian; Spinola, Benjamin; Kreimeyer, Matthias // 2013
Designing system structures for adaptability offers significant advantages for both customers and producers. But it is not simple, especially when the product is a highly complex product family, for ...

Design to connect: an online database providing inspiration for design education and practice

Bleuzé, Tore; Detand, Jan; Debaets, Patrick // 2013
How to join two parts remains an important issue in product design and engineering. Many joining methods were developed throughout history, from beautiful wood joints over invisible adhesives to ...

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