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Assessment of User Needs for an Electric-Powered Personal Transportation Unit in Urban Environment

Eurich, Markus; Jamali, Nadia; Löf/er, Karin // 2009
This paper presents the results of a usage study of an electric-powered personal transportation unit in urban environment. The study is based on a qualitative and quantitative data analysis, which is ...

Consumer Comprehension of the Communication Designs for Food Packaging

Wang, W. Y.Regina; Chou,Mu-Chien // 2009
When consumers have to choose from an array of products, package design plays a signi cant role in consumer communication. Speci cally, the package design reveals the content and details of the ...

Creating Brand-Innovation Synergy: Towards a Practical Method of Using Brands in the New Product Development Process

Keus, Martyn; Smulders, Frido; Roscam Abbing, Erik; Buijs, Jan // 2009
Brands are more than logos that are "stuck on" products after they have been developed. Before new product concepts are envisioned, brands exist - both in the minds of consumers, and in the ...

Decision Support for the Selection of Anti-Counterfeiting Measures Based on Modeling Damage Avoiding Functions

Petermann, Markus Alexander; Meiwald, Thomas; Lindemann, Udo // 2009
Manufacturers are confronted with a rising number of counterfeits and imitations of their original products, causing both financial and brand damages most of them are not willing to accept. There are ...

Decision-Focused Resource Modeling for Design Decision Support

Liu, Shaofeng; Duffy, Alex H. B.; Whitfield, Robert Ian; Boyle, Iain M.; Wang, Wenjuan; Mohamed, Khaled // 2009
Resource management including resource allocation, levelling, configuration and monitoring has been recognised as critical to design decision making. It has received increasing research interests in ...

Development of Mathematical Models for Secure Collaboration in Product Lifecycle Management

Liu, Wei; Wang, Min; Zhang, Da Yong; Zeng, Yong // 2009
This paper formalizes product lifecycle management (PLM) based on axiomatic theory of design modeling. Collaboration and secure collaboration issues in PLM are of major concern. Mathematical models ...

Ecodesign integration in education: the utility of an existing multidisciplinary design methodology

Bergen, Jan Peter; Verhulst, Elli // 2009
Over the last decades, sustainable development increases to be a major global issue. Within this scope, new product innovations might lead to a more sustainable future. The role of the industrial ...

Management of Cross-Domain Model Consistency during the Development of Advanced Mechatronic Systems

Gausemeier, Jürgen; Schäfer, Wilhelm; Greenyer, Joel; Kahl, Sascha; Pook, Sebastian; Rieke, Jan // 2009
The development of mechatronic systems demands the close collaboration of engineers from different domains. In the course of the development, this leads to the creation of a number of separate, but ...

Pragmatic Design Rules for Selective Load Introduction in Structural Sheets

Niedermeier, Michael; Henne, Markus; Keller, David; Kress, Gerald; Stetter, Ralf // 2009
Good joint design is vital to the success of the product. Spot joining methods in particular cause critical stress concentrations in structures using composite materials. One way of avoiding these is ...

Supporting Design Rationale Retrieval for Design Knowledge Re-Use

Wang, Hongwei; Johnson, Aylmer; Bracewell, Rob // 2009
Current retrieval methods of design rationale focus mainly on either the classification of rationale or on key-word based searches of records. The pitfalls of these methods are obvious. First, a ...

The Effects of Reusability and Green Design in Consumer Packaging on Consumer Satisfaction — Using SEM Analysis

Wang,Wei-yao; Huang, Tzu-ho Jordan // 2009
More contemporary product packaging are designed to be environmental- friendly as efforts of the environmentalists grow more enthusiastic and the number of green design supporter increase. However, ...

The Iterative Nature of Medical Device Design

Shluzas, Lauren A.; Pietzsch, Jan B.; Paté-Cornell, M. Elisabeth; Yock, Paul G.; Linehan, John H. // 2009
A one-year study, sponsored by The Institute for Health Technology Studies, was conducted by a team of Stanford University researchers to develop a linear model of the medical device development ...

Triangulation towards Coupling Design Knowledge

Wang, Wenjuan; Duffy, Alex // 2009

Understanding Heterogeneity of Human Preferences for Engineering Design

Hoyle, Chris; Chen, Wei; Wang, Nanxin; Gomez-levi, Gianna // 2009
In today's competitive market, it is essential for producers to provide products which not only achieve high performance, but also appeal to the tastes of consumer. Therefore, a key element of ...

Value – Function – Structure Modeling in an Ontological Representation of Product-Service Systems

Kim, Yong Se; Wang, Eric; Park, Myon Woong // 2009
An ontological representation of product-service systems (PSS) is presented, which could support the development of new computer-aided tools and frameworks for PSS design. In this ontology, a PSS ...

Sustainable Living - A Multiplayer Educational Game Based on Ecodesign

Judmaier, Peter; Huber, Maria; Pohl, Margit; Rester, Markus; Leopold, Daniela // 2008

A Post-Positivism View of Function Behaviour Structure

Wang, Wenjuan; Duffy, Alex H.B.; Haffey, Mark // 2007

A Product Family Based Life Cycle Cost Model for Part Variety and Change Analysis

Wang, Lin; Song, Bin; Li, Xiang; Ng Wee, Keong // 2007

Aligning Multiple Domains of Design Processes

Kreimeyer, Matthias; Eichinger, Markus; Lindemann, Udo // 2007

Comparison of Knowledge Representation in PDM and By Semantic Networks

Conrad, Jan; Deubel, Till; Köhler, Christian; Wanke, Sören; Weber, Christian // 2007

Cross-Cultural Collaboration in Design Engineering – Influence Factors and Their Impact on Work Performance

Petermann, Markus; Trevelyan, James; Felgen, Luc; Lindemann, Udo // 2007

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  • +design ~community
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